How Does Live Betting Work

Anastasiya Dudkina
28 Mar 2021
Live Betting
Live Betting

With the development of the Internet, in-play betting has become very popular, when a player can choose an outcome and bet on it during a match. And although live has not yet reached its peak of development, many players have already begun to resemble stock exchange traders.

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How does it work?

Players bet on the chosen outcome right during the sporting event. They study the performance of the teams, look at the line-ups, the conditions of the match, and based on this, they choose the most likely, in their opinion, outcome.

The odds in this type of bet are dynamic. Depending, for example, on the number of goals or points scored, they change. As soon as the goal is scored, the acceptance of bets stops. But with the restart of the game, the bettors again have the opportunity to place bets, yet with different odds.

To place live bets, the bookmaker uses the services of sports data providers. The employees of these suppliers are scouts. These people sit at matches and use a specially prepared device to transmit information about the progress of a sporting event to the supplier company. It, in turn, gives this data to its clients — betting companies. Moreover, such a supplier can give the bookmaker not only data about the match but also visualization of this data - when you see the direction of attack and other game events on the virtual field. The bookmaker generates live odds based on these data and can buy them as well.

The data is sent to the bookmaker with the minimum possible delay, almost as if the events in the match automatically changed the odds. Thus, for live betting, it is important to watch the match live or in broadcast with a minimum delay.
Live odds change frequently and dramatically. They react to two things: match events and player bets. For example, if a Manchester United’s striker takes a shot in a match, the bookmaker will temporarily block bets on the goal from «red devils». And if the goal is scored, the odds in unlocked bets will be completely different. In the same way, if a bet is placed on the victory of one of the teams, which turns out to be large for this match, the odds will drop at least for a short time.

A betting company can offer live bets that are not found in the prematch. For example, on events in the next 5-minute time frame or on the scorer of the next goal. But some bets are only available in the prematch.

For a player, the main advantage of live bets is that the line-up is not known before the game. In bets, you have to rely on incomplete information till the last. In live, it is different: you bet based on what is happening and the movement of the odds.

Where can you play live?

But almost all modern offices offer live betting. At the same time, the choice of events, bets, and the quality of live-betting markets and lines at different bookmakers can seriously differ.

With the growing popularity of this type of bets, many online bookmakers have offered to place bets in real-time not only on football and tennis but also on basketball, hockey, baseball, and other sports.

Live Betting Tips

Let’s start with three basic live betting tactics.

  1. Bet on the team that has the advantage. Wager on the team that has taken the initiative during the match and strengthens the squad with the right substitutions.
  2. Bet on over if there is a swing game and both teams create dangerous moments. In a match without the centre of the field, they can score a couple of goals in a few minutes.
  3. Bet on under if the teams create a few chances, look tired, and the score on the scoreboard suits both opponents.
Bet Live with Betway

You can already try these tactics:

Expect low prematch odds to rise. If you are sure that the team will win, but you don’t see odds of 1.3 in the prematch, wait and bet live.

The speed of decision making plays a key role in live betting. A profitable bet will be made by those who are among the first to react to sharp attacks or, for example, notice in a TV broadcast that Messi is receiving coaching instructions and a signal to prepare to enter the field. The bookmaker will quickly receive a wave of bets, decreasing the odds.

When betting live, the broadcast speed is important. It's not a good idea to bet while watching a match on a sopcast. This way you lose a minute compared to other players. Follow the matches in the broadcast on the bookmaker's website, in the official broadcast, or from the stadium.

In live, it is sometimes justified to take the time to look at the odds. For example, the odds for a home win might be 2.5 right now, but 2.6 in a minute and 2.4 in two minutes. Odds change depending on the events in the match and the bets. If the odds have dropped slightly and lost value while you were placing the bet, wait for it to rise - just make sure that time is not against you.